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‘Powerhouse Americana'. This is how Jake Hunsinger and company refer to their sound. A quick listen shows that this is a more than apt description. Based out of Providence, Rhode Island, Hunsinger is an eclectic singer/songwriter and avid student of the Country music songwriting traditions. Supported by his dear friends in The Rock Bottom Band, together they showcase energetic performances with rollicking arrangements, dynamic production, and serene hillbilly harmonies over Hunsinger’s inspired songwriting. Hunsinger's voice itself is described as "a blend of full-bodied soul and a bit of a twang, (he) is able to pull this off in excellent fashion". All of this combines to create something between familiar and nostalgic, as well as the new and exciting.


After releasing the debut EP ‘Jake Hunsinger’ in 2019, and the stand-alone single ‘Lady of the Wild Moor’ in 2020 through Hobo Castle Records, Hunsinger has spent the last two years singing every night possible and writing a new catalog of songs. On any given night, Hunsinger & Co can be found performing in New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and Connecticut with tours and new releases scheduled for 2022.

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