UMASS Dartmouth's Folk Heroes
By: Sawyer Pollit


    Cowboy boots and an Appalachian twang are an unusual sight here in New England. However, going against the grain of Southern Massachusetts is Jake Hunsinger and the Rock Bottom Band, and this past Saturday at the News Café in Pawtucket, RI, the yeehaw vibes were strong. 

   Beginning only with vocalist and guitarist Jake Hunsinger (English/History, 2020), the group expanded to include bassist Jamie Doyle (Management Information Systems, 2021), drummer Zack Wedge (History, 2020), and guitarist Andrew Donnelly. The group plays the original folksy tunes written by Hunsinger himself as well as a number of well executed covers of country and folk classics.  

Singer-Songwriter Jake Hunsinger Finds New Musical Ways Forward
By: Rob Duguay


    There are some musicians who can really catch your attention with their voice. The way they sing becomes the trademark of their sound, and each time after listening to a tune of theirs you’re left stunned and impressed. It’s the most natural way a singer-songwriter can stand apart from their contemporaries.

    With a blend of full-bodied soul and a bit of a twang, Cranston resident Jake Hunsinger is able to pull this off in excellent fashion. The past couple of years have seen him go from playing open mics to becoming a fixture in Rhode Island’s music scene.